Camp Ockanickon | YMCA of the Pines

YMCA of the Pines is a place where campers can enjoy three different camps, each with its own individual features. Located conveniently for Philadelphia and New York City residents. YMCA offers plenty in terms of both outdoor activities and more indoor options like arts and crafts workshops to keep all their campees busy. Uniquely, Camp Ockanickon is known to be a boys camp that focuses on embodying a heroic mindset to seek adventure. Deeply historic on its own way!

In addition, aside from their wonderful summer camps, they also offer memberships for adults that allow year-round access to the forest for hiking and biking. They host a variety of events throughout the entire year, like family outings on weekends or weekday excursions with friends. With different types of cabins ranging from rustic old school lodges to modern amenities such as, Pomona Lodge, Douglass Lodge and Robbins Roost. You’ll be able to enjoy the space perfect for corporate team building activities or weekend retreats alike!

Now, not only that, they also provide spaces for special occasions, like weddings! Of course, made only accessible if you are a member of the prestigious camp. Further, the William G. Rohrer Recreation Center features an indoor sports court and a variety of meeting spaces for you to consider when planning your next event. Additionally, they also have two spacious and fully equipped dining halls, assorted pavilions, and an observatory for star-gazing. Thus, it will be a rewarding venue in the end.

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