Catalina View Gardens

Like a majestic jewel perched atop the cliffs of Palos Verdes, Catalina View Gardens is your next stop wedding destination! This 94-acre estate overlooks the picturesque coastal bluffs and provides unrivaled scenery. Uniquely, the event garden is home to vineyards, from which you can enjoy an epicurean feast while taking in views. That includes the astonishing Catalina Island on one side, and amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean on another.

Further, their event garden offers an amazing panoramic view of the waterfront. Moreover, their outdoor setting enables a fresh outlook on nature while overlooking its rich lushness. Your family and friends will truly enjoy the sound of the ocean wave just lingering in this venue. Including the night sky that’ll be filled with twinkling stars as you enjoy in the reception area and sipping cocktails. You’ll be dancing the day away with your guests when that final ray of sunlight slips into view, painting an ocean filled with vibrant color that will last until evening.

Of course, you can’t deny the exclusivity that this place has to offer. With only 30 events organized and done per year, this is definitely a once in a lifetime chance! The Catalina View Gardens is indeed a one-of-a kind event experience. They offer visitors to enjoy breathtaking views, extensive green space, and luxurious amenities in an outdoor setting that will impress any guest imaginable!

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