Cathedral Park

The site now called Cathedral Park has a rich history which dates back to 1806. One of the Lewis and Clark landing sites, it is believed that William Clark and his eight men camped there while exploring the Vancouver-Portland region for resources. The area had also played host to many Native American tribes who fished in its waters before them. In the present time, this historic place has become one of the most sought out wedding destination in Oregon!

Spanning 23 acres, this exquisite greenspace is a wonderland of natural beauty. Also, it is home to one of the city’s most iconic outdoor spaces. A distinctive elegant steel suspension bridge that offers undisputed stunning views for miles around. In detail, this stately amphitheater is located right at the base of the St. John’s Bridge, whose cathedral-like arches has garnered the park its name. The arches are as tall and wide as the trees, casting a shadow over guests. The ceremony takes place beneath those shadows, giving it an intimate atmosphere. You can even see your own reflection on its pristine surface. This awe-inspiring structure will be the perfect background for any couple’s heartfelt vows to each other!

Further, Portland Parks and Recreation manages the said park, and they require a permit to book the venue if you are having a wedding with guests. Especially if you have a total of 100 attendees (including yourself). The Cathedral Park is a one-of-a kind venue sure to impress, taking advantage of the natural beauty and refined construction. When you’ve been searching for that quintessential Portland wedding spot, look no further than this breathtaking Oregon location!

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