Cerulean Wine Bar

Cerulean Wine is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting an intimate dinner party or just looking to relax with friends on your porch. Simply swing after work – it’s all about what matters most to you! More than that, with the Cerulean Wine Bar, you can celebrate your most special day. It is located in an old brick warehouse building right in Portland’s heart. Lined inside is a large open area perfect for small intimate weddings or parties of any size, this is the place to go if you want great wine from Oregon.

On the other hand, Cerulean’s beautiful tasting room is a must-see for wine lovers. With seasonal outdoor seating and changing artwork, the space provides an immersive experience to go with your favorite glass of red or white wine. Also, one of the delighting things about this place is how they do their tastings. You don’t just get one glass, where it’s refilled with the next wine; rather you’re given a row of glasses and can taste each type before deciding which one(s) you like best! They’ll even let you try again if need be. Now, this place surely does not disappoint.

In addition, Cerulean Wine wants their customers and fans alike to enjoy life as they live it; that means offering pure and natural wines. Which are carefully crafted by family members in Oregon who have been producing these award-winning vintages for decades.

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