Chief Hosa Lodge

The Chief Hosa Lodge is a stunning design by architect Jules Jacques Benois Benedict. Also, it has been heralded as one of Denver’s most treasured buildings. In fact, it opened in 1918 and is the city’s first mountain lodge. The architect of this building took great care in designing it so that the structure would blend naturally with its surroundings. They used local timbers and stones for construction as well. Which has helped give a authentic look to the property.

The lodge is named after a Southern Arapaho tribal leader who was given the honorary title ‘Hosa’ by his Ute tribe. The meaning behind this name? Peaceful and beautiful! On one hand, imagine your wedding ceremony amongst the tall mountains and picturesque scenes at this historic place. The Chief Hosa Lodge will provide all of your guests with sweeping views from its location on one side to another breathtaking site. Along with stone-built cabins that date back centuries ago!

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