Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is a must-see for any art lover! The glass works of world renowned artist Dale Chihuly can be found throughout the indoor exhibits. In fact, it can also be found in the outdoor spaces, making this venue an unforgettable experience! The 40-foot tall arched glass walls offer breathtaking views for all who enter. While its 100 foot long sculpture in reds, oranges, yellows and amber will captivate your attention from afar!

If you’re looking for a truly spectacular experience, look no further than the Chihuly Garden. In here, the sculptures seem to sprout organically among its collection of trees and flowers with breathtaking results! In addition, you can now tie the knot here! Yes, just all within the beauty of the museum, its sculptures and natural flowers.

On one hand, a celebrated icon of modern art, it offers a spectacular place to host your special occasion. Chihuly Garden and Glass is a stunning place to host your special occasion. The eight Galleries feature some of the world’s most breathtaking works! It’s also home to a breathtaking one hundred foot long installation called the Glasshouse.

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