Newport’s Cliffwalk is perhaps the best place in the city to take engagement photos. Not only is it a beautiful and scenic location, but it also offers a variety of photo opportunities. The Cliffwalk follows the coastline for 3.5 miles, and there are numerous vantage points along the way where couples can capture stunning photos of the ocean. The walk provides sweeping vistas of the ocean, and the cliffs themselves are a beautiful natural backdrop. There are also several historic mansions located along the Cliffwalk, providing a romantic backdrop for photos.

In addition, the Cliffwalk is relatively close to Newport’s downtown area, making it easy to stop for lunch or coffee after a photo session. Finally, this place is very accessible! It is located right in Newport, and there is plenty of parking nearby. Overall, Newport’s Cliffwalk is the perfect place to take engagement photos. It’s scenic, convenient and full of photo ops.

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