Club Los Meganos

Club Los Meganos is the perfect wedding venue for anyone in the East Bay area. They can accommodate grand and intimate weddings in their notable setting. Also, with their variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, you will surely achieve your dream wedding! Because when you arrive at the club, just above a series of gentle hills with grape vines, it’s clear to see that this place truly holds something special!

The 34,000-square foot club has a wing specifically dedicated to events. The Mount Diablo Events Center is named for the peak that can be seen almost everywhere on the property. Additionally, it incorporates natural woods and stone in sweeping expanses of glass. The outdoors is a nod to Mediterranean influences like the circular stone plaza, tiered terracotta fountain, and surrounding landscapes.

Moreover, the ceremony lawn at Mt. Diablo is a perfect park setting surrounded by original Miwok artwork and native plants. Making your guests feel like they’re in an amazing spot right outside of San Francisco. The promenade overlooks downtown, while giving out sparkling bay views, a perfect cocktail hour location. After which, inside the reception foyer, you’ll see various contemporary designs blended with Native American roots from this area. On the contrary, for a unique rehearsal dinner or bridal shower, check out the Culinary Studio. This dream kitchen/dining room features an opportunity to observe the chef in action, as he whips up special menus using ingredients from local orchards. Better yet, enjoy your stay while sipping a glass of exquisite vino instead.

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