Diablo Lake

The Diablo Lake Trail is a challenging but rewarding hike up and across talus slopes on the flanks of Sourdough Mountain. Once you reached the impressive cascading waterfalls, stunning views can be seen from Ross Lake. Also, the pristine Diablo Lake Trail is a must-do for any outdoor enthusiast! In addition, if you’re the daring type, then this location will be a top choice for you and your partner to have that much anticipated engagement session!

Further, you’ll have an amazing natural backdrop all throughout. On one hand, stopping to take in the stunning views, hikers will cross an avalanche track before reaching 600 feet down into Ross Dam. As you cross the suspension bridge, a rockslide blocks the east end, as it bars access to Ross Lake Dam. If this is not something that interests or excites you, then take an overlook of what’s behind: the North Cascades massifs in all its glory.

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