DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cariari San Jose

Weddings are the perfect way to celebrate love and life. The DoubleTree By Hilton Cariari San José is one of many great venues in this beautiful area! So if you’re looking for a place that will make your guests feel at ease with their surroundings while also providing them comfort food during all hours – look no further! The architecture and structure of this hotel makes it seem like a great Costa Rican hacienda. It’s “open” nature inspires confidence in terms of biosecurity. As guests will have plenty of contact with nature while they’re staying here, from outdoor areas between corridors to common spaces.

Further, the hotel has a program called “Clean Stay” that guarantees guests complete disinfection of the rooms before they enter. To do this, every room is sealed with an assurance plaque. Also, there are inspection certificates checked by staff members to ensure high standards for your stay! In addition, weddings can be a wonderful and joyous occasion. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect place. The DoubleTree Cariari is one of the most spacious hotels in Costa Rica. It also offers an incredible room for hosting your wedding!

On the contrary, the open ranch is the perfect spot for relaxing with a book on your lanai. It’s just a feet away from all of the hotel amenities, including its main pool! The resort has a wide range of accommodation options for you to choose from. Some, like the Presidential Suite and Bridal Suites are fully equipped, so that your wedding night is perfect all throughout!

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