Downtown Denton

Downtown Denton is a thriving hub of activity where you can find everything from shops and restaurants to bars. There are also various galleries or event venues here. Annual festivals also make their way through this area at various times throughout the year! Also, visitors and residents enjoy gathering with friends on the courthouse lawn after a long day at work, or just lounging by Jupiter House’s coffee shop. You can also buy some ice cream from Beth Marie’s to satisfy your sweet tooth!

As early as the late 1800s, The Square (Downtown Denton) has been a gathering place for commerce and trade. Some of its earliest known buildings included hardware stores, grocery stores, banks and more. Notably, there was also an opera house where Recycled Books exists today! Now, if you want to seek a casual and fun engagement session, then head towards downtown, and for sure, you will capture memories that will last a lifetime.

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