Eagle Falls

If you are looking for a scenic river, then Eagle Falls is the perfect place. The narrow gorge of this waterfall offers one-of-a kind experience with plenty of shade and opportunities to rest under its waterfalls. In fact, the area has been the site of many unfortunate events. In addition to being abused and vandalized, it’s been unsafe for swimmers. Because strong currents formed by a constricted gorge makes these waters treacherous at times. So, remember to be extra cautious once you’ve chosen this location for your outdoor ceremony and/or engagement photo session.

Further, Eagle Falls is one of the most beautiful locations in Washington, and it’s located on Skykomish River two miles east from Index. The drive down will provide you with a great view as well! To the right of this river is an open area that leads you to some beautiful rock formations and eventually, your destination. There are also other side streams on your journey which you will encounter along!

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