Eastside Exchange Ballroom and Cascade Rooftop

For your next event, hosting it at the Eastside Exchange Ballroom and Cascade Rooftop is a spectacle! It is a sure way to get the Portland vibe you’re looking for. Notably, it has amazing views of downtown Portland and clean contemporary design with historic character. Also, this venue embodies what makes this city special. While giving an impeccably blank canvas, you are free to do what you want for décor, color, lighting or theme to create an event that will make all eyes stop and adore this stunning space.

The Exchange Ballroom is centrally located in the Eastside Industrial District and offers easy access whether you are coming by car or public transport. The dedicated staff will be happy to assist you with planning your special day details, such as catering preferences and flower arrangements! It definitely is an urban event space with a stunning rooftop view. Nothing beats the beauty that this venue has in store. In addition, the Exchange Ballroom boasts dramatic views of the downtown Portland skyline. The natural state of the event spaces are beautiful and can have a neutral backdrop. As it can be easily tailored to nearly any type of event. Simply with just an added touch from their professional staff.

Additionally, it is a beautiful and versatile event space that’s perfect for any other type of party. The ballroom has an on-site catering company with specialties in delicious food from all over the world! They offer weekday evening parking starting at 5:30pm, as well as weekend parking to make it easy for you and your guests. With its built-in sound booth and tailored lighting packages, this could be just what you’re looking for when throwing your next big bash!

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