Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Step into the iconic South Florida landscape at Edison & Ford Winter Estates. The scenery is reminiscent of what great American icons Thomas Edison and Henry Ford undoubtedly fell in love with. They were two genius inventors that loved Fort Myers so much they built a home on this land! The estate offer 20 acres of beautiful historic buildings and tropical gardens. You cannot only see the estate itself, but also a botanical laboratory and a museum that houses over a hundred pieces of their life’s work. Just simply imagine

Further, the Moonlight Garden in the property is a beautiful and serene location. Visitors can wander through its various paths and admire all of its unique plant life. Along with statues that represent Mina Edison’s great passion for creativity. The Estate is the perfect location for any event. Guests will be surrounded by royal palms, historic bamboo, orchids and countless other plants as they walk along Florida’s Caloosahatchee River. In addition, if you are looking for a tropical wedding with the combination of magic and romance, then consider Ford’s Riverside Lawn. Also, the Royal Palm Alleé is sure to make your big moment even more memorable. As it encapsulates all that you want from a tropical-style ceremony!

Finally, say your “I-do’s” or hold the reception by the majestic Mysore Fig Tree. In order to make a lasting memory of this momentous occasion. With roots that extend deep below into rich soil and an incredible breadth which stands as the ultimate symbol for family and strength, it will be just what you need! The Estates celebrates love in all form. From the rolling hills to the stunning gardens, this enchanting property will leave you with memories that will last forever.

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