El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is one of three beaches within Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Park. And it’s the most popular for its proximity to Malibu! Amazingly, El Matador has a lot with picnic tables that look out over the ocean. Also, making it an ideal spot to enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktail. As you watch ships cross through this breathtaking scenery illuminated by the sun every day!

In addition, the hike to the beach is an unforgettable experience. The trail winds through unique eroding formations on top of a bluff. Where you can see how nature takes its time in making something beautiful with just sand and rocks! The stunning 360-degree view of crashing waves and jagged cliffs is worth the climb. While the majestic views at the beach and in between waves are something you won’t want to miss. Sea stacks line up on either side too, while sunsets always seem perfect for photos as well.

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