Emory University

Emory University in Georgia is truly an exceptional engagement photo location. This beautiful university provides a variety of stunning backdrops that bring any photograph to life. As a top-tier research institution, Emory takes incredible pride in its grounds and facilities, providing a peaceful and well-maintained atmosphere that’s perfect for romantic engagement photos. The lush landscaping adds both charm and natural beauty to the photographs, while the modern architecture makes for an interesting contrast.

Couples will also love having iconic landmarks as part of their portraits; the Dobbs University Center clock tower always looks great right after sunset. For couples looking for more adventure, there are plenty of trails off campus that also make for a breathtaking setting. With so many wonderful opportunities for picturesque photos, couples will have plenty of unforgettable images to choose from that capture the emotions of their special day! With something to fit any vision, brides- and grooms-to-be can’t go wrong with Emory University as the place to commemorate their special moment!

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