Ensign Peak

The Ensign Peak is the perfect place to escape from Salt Lake City and enjoy a beautiful day with friends. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it gets too hot up on top of this little peak. So don’t do it when temperatures are hottest! But if there’s ever any chance you can get away during some nice weather in summer, then take full advantage of it! Pack your picnic blanket for an outdoor romp under sunsets more magnificent than anywhere else around town! You can even have a photoshoot here! May it be for your engagement, a formal session, or simply a styled and fun one. The backdrop here never disappoints!

Looking back, the men who found Salt Lake City climbed to the top of their new land and surveyed it with newfound hope. They looked out over what they had glimpsed in their minds’ eye. Envisioning homes among its sweeping valleys. They were able to see everything for themselves when they reached the summit. Now, a small monument stands on top. And a lot of visitors flourish this place to see the vast beauty of the county.

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