Evergreen Lake House

The Evergreen Lake House is a perfect place to hold your wedding. This scenic venue features an open floor plan, with 5,000 feet of space for you and everyone in attendance! Also, its great room seats up to 200 people. Additionally, there’s a large stone fireplace and a smaller octagon room often used as part of a buffet here. It’s no wonder Evergreen Lake House has proven itself time after again!

The beautifully landscaped deck of the venue can seat up to 80 people with additional standing room for an intimate wedding ceremony celebration. On the contrary, guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful lake and mountain views from their seats on this deck. With log railings, you can decorate them with flowers or greenery for an extra touch that will surely not go unnoticed.

Come to the Lake House during winter and experience an amazing transformation! The house turns into a skating center as soon as early December, depending on conditions. Also, with its picturesque views and great amenities, this venue is a perfect place for people looking to enjoy nature.

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