First United Methodist Church of Glendale

Completed in 1961, the Glendale First United Methodist Church is a modernized venue perfect for weddings! It has a classic cruciform plan and is an excellent example of Mid-Century Modern architecture. Upon entering this opulent structure, you will be greeted with tall concrete columns and abundant stained glass windows. For instance, the light that it gives off may feel like coming from heaven itself! In this case, the church features a traditional fold-roof made out of thin shell concrete. Which gives the building its wonderful height, along with monumentality, and a minimalist exterior completing this beautiful masterpiece.

Also, the building’s interior is truly spectacular, with multicolored light dappled from the forty-foot-high stained glass windows created by John Wallis of Pasadena’s Wallis-Walley glass studio. Along with Flewelling and Moody’s firm member, Jean Whinnery. This radiant church is an icon of Modern design in Glendale. Truly elevating and spiritually inspiring!

On the contrary, today, Glendale First United Methodist Church celebrates the legacy that their elders have established, as they carry on their footsteps into a brighter future. They honor them for all they’ve given to this church which will never be forgotten. Indeed, a historical jewel of the county!

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