Fleisher Art Memorial

Looking for the perfect location to host your next event? Look no further than Fleisher Art Memorial! Whether you need a space large enough to seat hundreds of guests or just one intimate setting. They have something in store that’s sure to capture everyone’s attention. Especially with its beautiful architecture and historic background as an active community arts center. In the latter part of the 19th century, Simon B. and Moyer Fleisher founded one of America’s first worsted woolen mills in southwest Philadelphia. The company started out as a humble Fleisher Yarn Company. But, later on, it soon became the world’s leading producer and purveyor of hand knitting yarns.

Today, Fleisher is a lively and thriving community arts center. Which has been celebrated as one of the first in this nation to be established! Fleisher’s campus is one of a kind and it has been around for centuries. As such, the vibe that Fleisher’s create can fulfill any occasion – from weddings to parties and even meetings! With each space rental, you will be partnered with an expert in event management. In order to assist you and oversee all the logistics.

On one hand, the Sanctuary provides a memorable backdrop for parties, fundraisers, weddings and other gatherings. Tour this inspiring space with its dramatic architecture and eclectic décor! Marvel in the glow of stained glass windows, while exploring what it has to offer on your next event planning adventure. Now, you can get the most out of your next event with a studio session at Fleisher. Choose from their various art rooms for an experience that combines creativity and productivity. Not to forget, if you seek an outdoor venue, there’s also the Bootsie Weiss Children’s Garden. Renowned as one of South Philadelphia’s most charming green spaces ever created.

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