Forest House Lodge

Forest House Lodge is a place where dreams come true. Imagine sweeping views, abundant laughter, blissful food and exceptional service all in one place. Along with an unmatched personal attention for those tiny details. This venue certainly separates itself from everyone else’s. In here, they are committed to deliver unforgettable moments. They are bound to provide exquisite service for the beginning of your journey as husband and wife.

Moreover, they offer the all-inclusive “Experience of a Lifetime” wedding package. Which provides an amazing backdrop for your wedding celebration. Also, it features 27 astonishingly creative guest rooms and a spectacular bridal salon. But that’s not all, they also have a breath taking private ceremony site on their flag stone garden patio and more! But none of that can strongly describe the experience that the Forest House Lodge exudes. Nestled in a quiet historic town, this lodge is perfect for those who love rustic surroundings and a homey charm. The entire property is yours to enjoy, while the hosts take care of all details during your event. Completely a unique experience!

In addition, the Ceremony Site at the lodge is a breathtaking location for ceremonies. It showcases a spectacular natural setting of tall pine trees and wildflowers. As it provides a scenery similar to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You see, it is where couples usually stand in front of an endless backdrop that includes the picturesque Volcano Canyon. Definitely a scenic way to say “I do”!

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