Forest Park

Portland’s Forest Park is a 5,200-acre urban forest that offers plenty for residents and visitors. Notably, it’s one of the largest urban forests in America. Forest Park is a beautiful and expansive landscape that stretches for miles along the eastern slope of Tualatin Mountains. Along this terrain, you’ll find trails winding through deciduous trees, as well as fire lanes and roads.

For those who have never experienced the beauty of a Northwest forest, Forest Park is an unparalleled opportunity. You can explore the whole area and take several moments to pose with nature. Also, what’s better way to enjoy your time here by simply taking in the breathtaking atmosphere of this majestic forest. More importantly, if you’re a first-time visitor to Forest Park, make sure to check out all of the information on their website. It will give you an idea as newcomers about when it is open and what rules apply here.

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