Fort Buenaventura Park

Built in 1846 by Miles Goodyear on the Weber River, two miles south of confluence with Ogden. Fort Buenaventura Park is a historic place that sits right at the heart of Ogden City. This iconic park features many attractions for all ages – including its wonderful view!

If you’re looking for a great spot to escape the city hustle, then this place might be just what you need! With plenty of amenities and outdoor activities like camping or fishing on offer. In addition with an 18-hole disc golf course that will keep your mind occupied after playing all day long. Surely, there’s no shortage of things that this beautiful area can provide. Also, what a great resource for a community to have an easy access fishing hole just less than a mile from downtown! Amazingly, the Fort is host to Easter Mountain Man Rendezvous, OFAOM’s Ogden Music Festival and numerous educational field trips for school children. This destination truly offers a unique opportunity of experiencing pioneer life in an authentic environment.

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