Franklin Falls

If you’re looking for a quick, easy day hike that will provide spectacular scenery at the end of your journey, then look no further than Franklin Falls! You will be blown away by how beautiful this hike is. With just 2 miles roundtrip and 400 feet in elevation gain, it’s the perfect destination for any hiker looking to enjoy their day on an easy trail!

Also, you can even have your outdoor ceremony here and engagement photo session. Just imagine spending most of your day here while you enjoy the majestic beauty of the falls! On one hand, hikers will find WTA’s work here extensive and important, as they have been building walls to protect them from falls or erosion for ten years now. In addition, the organization has constructed steps as well. So small hikers can safely access heights without having any trouble with agility!

The trail is a great place to enjoy the summer heat and views while hiking. There are many stairs, but they’re all very gentle slopes that make this an easy hike! As you go up higher in elevation, thick coniferous trees will surround you with their shade making your journey much more enjoyable on those hot days.

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