Garden of the Gods Club and Resort

The Garden of the Gods is a majestic retreat for those who love nature. The setting overlooks one of America’s most beautiful national parks and offers stunning views to go along with it! In fact, the cottages on the property are carefully curated and spaciously luxurious. It’s definitely perfect for a girls’ night away from home or just some much-needed me time before the big day.

Guests can enjoy the views of Colorado’s natural landscape from this resort, which has sandstone formations and oak-covered valleys. You’ll also be able to see Pikes Peak in all its glory! The South Lawn is a perfect place to say “I do.” With its vast landscape stretching into the distance, this lush green space will be your wedding’s backdrop—with all that entails!

On one hand, you can drink a celebratory cocktail during sunset at the Hill Room and Terrace, with views out over the mountains. Also, the Garden of the Gods Resort is a perfect spot to tie the knot, as it has been named “Best Elopement Wedding Venue” by Here Comes The Guide. This stunning location will delight and impress any guest with its natural beauty, making this an ideal destination for your special day!

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