Garden Spot Village

At a time when most retirement communities are focused on catering to the elderly, the Garden Spot Village is breaking boundaries! Not only does this community have a hot air balloon to delight all those who live there. It has also become an innovation hotspot with train clubs and now even has its own Starbucks! In addition, the village introduced hot air balloon rides for residents a few years ago. And amazingly, the activity has taken off. With just under 1,000 people living here, about 100 have tried out this new form of experience. Which is also open to visitors from other parts who want an adventure while they’re on vacation!

Also, residents can enjoy a ride with their friends or family for under $200! This innovative offering not only provides residents the opportunity to experience something new. But it has helped them create an identity of themselves too. Additionally, non-residents can enjoy this ride for $259. Not that bad considering the scenic beauty that you’ll surely remember for a lifetime!

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