Grand Island Mansion

Grand Island Mansion sits on the outskirts of Walnut Grove, California. The classic Italian style is a sight to behold! Visitors will appreciate its exquisite features displayed by the magnificent estate. Also, it houses some of California’s finest architecture. As well as making an impressive statement within itself. Looking back, it was built by the influential Mr. Lewis W. Meyers. In fact, the Meyers loves to entertain guests. Making it extra iconic with luminaries visiting the property!

If you’ll dwell on its historic past, you’ll see President Franklin D. Roosevelt, actress Greta Garbo and mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner strolling in here. How picturesque could that seen be! Entering its second century, the Mansion has been passed down through capable hands. Now, it provides an elegant setting for special moments. Thus, attracting visitors from all over California and even around the world. Celebrate your wedding experience with friends and family by choosing this spectacular estate. In addition, they also offer luxurious accommodations days before and after your big day.

A wedding at Grand Island Mansion is the culmination of years of refinement. Along with intricate attention to detail. You’ll have a riverfront setting, an iron wrought gazebo and a grand ballroom – also with lots of complimentary parking for you and your guests. Here, you’ll find uniquely beautiful surroundings that are unmatched by any other service in town!

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