Gross Reservoir

The Gross Reservoir is one of the best-kept secrets in Boulder County. Also, it was built back in 1954 to capture water from South Boulder Creek. In fact, it’s a popular spot for fishing and hiking with its picturesque views towards looming mountainsides! In addition, the breathtaking views of the Colorado Mountains are something that you will never forget. The lake is at an elevation over 7,500 feet with incredibly tall peaks looking down on it from all directions, making this place feel like a piece in its own puzzle!

Notably, you can go for an adventurous vibe for your engagement session here. You can opt for a day of canoeing, while enjoying the scenery around you! Gross Reservoir is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some outdoor adventures in Colorado. The east side of this reservoir offers year-round open water, while on May through September, visitors can enjoy boating that line both shores as well.

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