Hakone Estate and Gardens

Located in Saratoga, California, Hakone Estate and Gardens is a historic wedding ceremony and reception venue. Uniquely, it is the oldest Asian estate and garden on Western Hemisphere soil. In addition, this gorgeous oasis features cascading waterfalls to set an enchanting tone for your special day. Just imagine exchanging vows in an actual paradise right before your eyes!

If you want to give your guests an international cultural experience with a tranquil backdrop, then look no further than what awaits at Hakone Estate! Moreover, its cascading water fountains dot the Japanese garden. As it provides perfect opportunities for photos. Better yet, simply relax during cocktail hour before dinner and even after dessert, as you take in all of the beauty that this venue showcases.

To illuminate, based on its history, this is a 100-year-old garden. Thus, the city of Saratoga has officially made it into one of its most prized possessions. As Hakone was originally started as a private estate by two San Francisco philanthropists in 1915. Now, it’s known to be on the National Register for Historic Places since 2013. Whilst, the gardens encompass an area of over 18 acres with ponds, bridges, pagodas, and rock formations that provide visitors with awe-inspiring views from every angle possible!

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