Hampton Lake

What’s not to love about a place that has been named “America’s Best”? The Hampton Lake real estate development offers residents of all ages and interests an opportunity for relaxation. Also, it’s known for its 165-acre freshwater fishing lake. On one hand, it has an incredible location just within 25 minutes of Hilton Head Island and Beaufort. Its perfect location means that guests can enjoy all that this venue has to offer! On the other hand, it’s an iconic freshwater complex with a central basin, creeks and cove.

Moreover, when you think of an idyllic destination for a wedding, what springs to mind? The answer might just be this new body of water! You and your guests will be blown away by the beautiful views that are waiting for you at the Hampton Lake. The venue has several stunning areas to choose from, such as a gazing ballroom with skyline backdrop or an open lawn. Thus, the Adventure Lagoon and Dogpaddle Park are both great places to go for an unconventional beach party post-ceremony.

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