Heisler Park

Breathtaking ocean views and a serene atmosphere make this park one of the county’s most popular destinations. From Cliff Drive, visitors can enjoy walking trails that wind along the bluffs. Along with stunning cityscapes in every direction too. Better yet, stop at Diver’s Cove for some picnic and swimming before returning home via an old-fashioned surfside route!

On one hand, the park is an excellent place for a wedding. Especially if you want it in proximity to one of many oceanfront sceneries. Also, a popular park site includes the Gazebo and Monument Point which offers stunning views that are sure not to disappoint! In addition to a beautiful park, this area is home to a memorial. Which has been constructed for veterans and their loved ones that includes two plaques; one recognizing those who sacrificed their lives during times of war, while another honors military service overall.

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