Mount Hekla is an active volcano located on the south shore. Also, it has been reported that this mountain produced more than 20 eruptions. On one hand, it has a profile that is reminiscent of an overturned boat. It also has two prominent craters at its base. The landscape of Hekla has been permanently altered by the volcanic activity. Due to this, the area now has an unstable surface prone to erosion.

Further, hikers can enjoy a scenic, yet challenging hike to Hekla’s summit. The trail leads most of the way up and takes about 3-4 hours on average for those who go all out! While for those who have adventurous hearts, Hekla can be your choice for that much anticipated elopement with your partner! However, it’s a well-known fact that this volcano can erupt without warning, which means you should always be aware and decide for yourself if it’s worth taking such risks.


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