Heritage Hall at the Historical Fort Missoula

We’ve got the perfect place for your most romantic day. Heritage Hall at Fort Missoula is a 2100 square foot heritage building that has become popular among wedding events, and it’s located in what was once military gymnasium with all of its original details intact!

You can enjoy huge rooms to hold everything from post wedding cocktail hours before dinner on our balcony overlooking beautiful Pioneer Park.  Double doors extend this space onto Parade Ground which allows you plenty more room when hosting your wedding.  The space is actually so big that we don’t usually recommend having just one band playing but instead letting guests roam freely while listening – there’s nothing like seeing someone dance under their breath right next door.

With breathtaking views of the skyline, your guests will enjoy mixing and mingling as they step outside to celebrate with you. The ample room for large canopies makes this event perfect inside or out! Gather at Heritage Hall -our venue offers gorgeous surroundings that are sure not only remind but also create memories on each special moment captured by photographers during these celebrations.  This could be just what everyone needs: A little bit more history than usual while still feeling like their own personal experience has been tailored exclusively towards them  (and no one else).

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