Historic Ashland

Historic Ashland is a one-of-a kind venue that will provide you and your guests with the perfect setting to celebrate. With its rich history, combined with contemporary modern designs. Suited for weddings or events of all sorts. Indeed, Historic Ashland sets itself apart from any other location in this area!

Moreover, Historic Ashland is a historical and modern wedding venue in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. This award winning property has been home to many important events throughout the years. Also, the property dates back to the state’s founder, William Penn. As it features an elegant atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all couples. All with personalized touches from start to finish! Historic Ashland provides a unique venue for unforgettable events with its refined, stylish and vast indoor spaces. As well as outdoor options like their expansive and manicured lawn.

The team at Historic Ashland is here to help with your dream wedding. The venue offers breathtaking options, catering and lodging partners that will meet all of your needs on the big day. Also, Historic Ashland’s open, yet private grounds and a careful melding of its innate history with deliberate modern design, present an unmatched photographic opportunity for your wedding day. This one-of-a kind venue does not follow traditional perceptions on what constitutes as “the perfect location.” Instead, it shows a diversely authentic approach on weddings that are out of the ordinary!

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