Ironstone Ranch at Stone Gables Estate

Nestled in the northeastern part of Lancaster County, Ironstone Ranch at Stone Gables Estate is a vast 100 acre farm. All of which has seen its fair share of history! The farm was originally built as a dairy farm in 1860. And later on, purchased by the Hollinger family who converted it into a fruit farm. Many original trees still remain on this property today. Also, under the Matesevac family, the property became home to a rich Christmas tree farm.

In the present time, the farm has been turned into a working horse ranch that hosts “Events with a Purpose”. Also, it is considered the go-to location in the county for weddings, receptions, corporate events or fundraisers. It’s also known as an ideal spot to stage Civil War reenactments. Where more than thousands of people have converged on this historic site every year. Ironstone Ranch is a real horse ranch where you can get the authentic experience of living in an old-fashioned farm. The original “mini” barn and orchard are all here as well. Making visitors feel like they’re in their own little piece of ancient America!

The 1860’s Main Barn is the perfect place for your wedding ceremony and reception. You have two options: having it inside in an airy, open space or outside where you can enjoy nature’s beauty while being surrounded by trees! The ranch will make your wedding “The Main Event.” They have a team of experts that are dedicated to making every detail perfect, which means you can feel at ease knowing that they’ve got this covered.

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