Jeffrey Open Space Trail

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail is a unique community resource for the residents of Irvine. The development and construction process included extensive input from its surrounding neighbors. In fact, this area constitutes an important element in the City’s overall open space system. Also, it links up conservation and public land within the fair metropolis. Making it easier for people living here to enjoy all that nature has offer!

This 3.5-mile long trail that stretches through the City of Irvine is a fantastic place for walking, running or biking! On the other hand, the City has announced that they will be receiving $14.5 million in funding for JOST. Which is expected to allow them to complete the system and provide full access all throughout the area. The new bike and pedestrian trail extension will connect existing trails, with a 15-foot wide bridge spanning almost 1,200 feet over the Interstate.

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