JM Cellars

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration. A chance to create memories that will last forever with the ones you love most. You’ll never forget your wedding day with this amazing venue. Let them help you make it a memorable experience for years after! Also, the natural beauty of the Northwest is a perfect backdrop for your special occasion. Here at JM Cellars, they will provide you the ultimate venue for all occasions!

Tastes like a charm! A great way to spend time with friends is by having fun at wine tastings and blending sessions. You’ll never think about wine in the same way again after taking part in their tastings. This serene oasis is located on seven lushly wooded acres, whimsically named “Bramble Bump.” It’s just fifteen minutes outside of Seattle as well. The luxurious and spacious outdoor space is strung with market lights for an elegant atmosphere. The trees in this area provide a cozy sanctuary too.

Moreover, indoor events will be flowing between the welcoming Barrel and Fireside rooms, with a little something extra thrown in for good measure. You’ll have your whole place all to yourself – no one else gets inside this venue! The bridal room is a place where the bride-to be feels like royalty as she awaits her big moment. This space has plush, stylish furnishings and huge windows overlooking an incredible property with gorgeous views for all to see! The guys can enjoy themselves in one of two other rooms – either settle into game area that includes pool tables along side fireplaces; or take some time out by sitting on those beautiful decks.

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