JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

Nestled off the coast of Florida, this Marriott Resort is an unrivaled destination-paradise! From magnificent pools to a breathtaking view of the beach – they surely have it all! Not to mention, they have over a dozen different dining venues that ranges from beachside shacks to fine-dining restaurants. For sure, your wedding will be yet another gem in this resort. So, step into a place where the ocean meets the white sandy floor within your reach.

Located in a well-known sunny state, JW Marriott Marco Island is a luxury resort and spa that offers guests 10.1 acres of white sand beach. On which they can bask in the sun or relax by one of their outdoor terraces lined with palms trees. If you want something more active than lounging at your hotel room all day, then this destination might just be for you. They have recreational amenities that will definitely keep you moving!

More importantly, they also offer Balinese-inspired ballrooms perfect for hosting events like weddings! You can have your ceremony by the beach, lawn or terrace, all depending upon your choice. In addition, they have wedding packages that includes the open bar, selections of hors d’oeuvres, plated or buffet service, and dessert. Made even better, they have upgraded accommodation for the newly weds!

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