Landenberg Barn at Nonantum Farms

Lose yourself in the beautiful country views of Nonantum Farm. With an accommodation of up to hundreds of guests, this location offers an experience unlike any other wedding venue. Give your special day a rustic twist on Sunday mornings with horse-drawn carriage rides or hayrides around the grounds! Thus, the charming beauty of the barn makes it a perfect location for couples who don’t want to go traditional.

Moreover, between the rolling green pastures and wooden paneling, your ceremony will be set in an atmosphere that screams romance. Imagine walking down the aisle in a setting that is pure of nature, as the red brick walls accompany you with nostalgic feels. You’ll see your family and friends into the moment – all of the love that they give to you. Truly heavenly! And with plenty of natural light streaming through windows, you won’t have any trouble snapping photos with your loved ones at all hours. As the raw nature is simply stunning!

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