Los Angeles – Arts District

The Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles is one of the hottest neighborhoods around! It started off as Jean-Louis Vigne’s grapefruit orchard to an industrial center for railroads and manufacturing by the late 1800s. In fact, the Arts District has always been a famous spot that continues today. With art galleries lined up next door, up to music venues where you can catch your favorite band playing live every night!

Looking back, in the 1970s, artists began to take over and renovate abandoned buildings in Venice and Hollywood. Eventually, the artists opened art galleries and developed these buildings themselves. Therefore, preserving a part of LA’s industrial history. The Arts District was an area that went through many changes in the 1990s. The population declined significantly before being saved by Joel Bloom and his supporters. As they officially renamed the place the “Arts District” – which is now a prominent artistic haven in the area.

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