Lost River Cave

Create your own family history by uniting with the beauty of nature at this special place. The tradition began in the1930s, making it perfect for you to have an event that will be remembered forever! Also, imagine walking down the aisle under a canopy of trees, surrounded by your loved ones and vast nature. You’ll feel like you’re in an unforgettable scene from The Notebook as everyone watches smiling at this beautiful moment!

The dramatic stone steps that lead down to the Lost River Cave are one of the many reasons this is a naturally romantic location! Additionally, guest’s jaws will hit the floor as they make their way to your reception at the historic Cavern Nite Club. It’s even considered as one of America’s largest cave entrances, this place will surely be worth the thrill and surprise. Whether it’s an intimate get together or a huge celebration, this cave has you covered in all aspects.

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