Midtown Park

Midtown Park is a small grassy patch located right off the Little Sugar Creek Greenway walk way. The people-friendly park has many amenities to offer, including picnic tables and grills. As well as walking paths that circle it in both directions! If you enjoy spending time outdoors or want some fresh air with your coffee break, then simply head over here!

A little urban oasis just waiting for you! This quaint part of Midtown offers many seating options with sculptures, including the beautiful view of uptown Charlotte. Soak up some sunshine while people watching or enjoy one of the sunny days right outside. In addition, the iconic art in the park was created by artists duo Living Lenses. Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen, with a vision for those who are visually impaired. They wanted their work on display so that everyone can enjoy it. The large sphere acts as a music box that translates braille letters into musical notes. When visitors move the mechanism around, they can hear these tunes!

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