Montauk Club

After a long search for the perfect wedding venue, you finally found The Montauk Club! This social club has an extensive history and stunning architecture that will make your big day unforgettable. It is ideal if you want to celebrate your union on well-tread floorboards in a place which remains as a truly vibrant New York landmark.

The Montauks Club has always been known to be more than just any other Brooklyn social scene epicenter. From its inception back in 1889, up until now, when they open their doors for memorable events like weddings. Here, friends are happy and jubilant no matter where they stand within the venue. Because there isn’t very much that can compare to experiencing something great here! Your ceremony can take place on the elegant library of the clubhouse. The stained glass windows show off a luminous glow, an ideal setting for any event! Your main celebration will be lit by crystal chandeliers with candlelight providing additional ambiance during your dinner and after-dinner entertainment.

Following your vow recital, you can proceed to the Fontana Room. This lovely room is perfect for a cocktail reception as it features genuine vintage interior and furniture that will make guests feel like they’re at an old fashioned soiree. Also, in order to create a wonderfully seamless event, the Montauk Club provides wedding experts and catering from their on-site culinary staff. As well as bar service by their expert mixologists!

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