Morgan Creek Golf Club

Morgan Creek is an elegant country club and golf course in Roseville, California. It is an ideal place for those looking to get married. As it can accommodate many different wedding themes. With a professional staff of enthusiastic event planners, the location provides settings for special events both big and small. The first thing you’ll notice in this venue is its luscious lawn. It has rolling hills of greenery and large trees that accentuates its manicured horizon. Also, its architecture is inspired from the dainty details of Europe.

Further, you can choose between an outdoor wedding or a closed and intimate one indoors. After which, you can proceed to celebrate with your guests during the reception and cocktail hour. You can have it either on the patio or the club’s iconic Grand Pavilion. Certainly, the latter will amaze your guests. Likewise, it has vaulted-ceilings, sparkling chandeliers and elegant silk draperies. Not only that it features 5,500 square feet of climate-controlled space, but it also showcases views of the wondrous lake.

Certainly, the experts at the Morgan Creek Golf Club will make your dream wedding into existence! Your chosen space will be transformed in the theme of your choice. That includes the whole wedding aesthetic, from the dainty details up to the bigger ones. In order to ensure that celebrations will go seamlessly, there will also be other staff members present to focus on the other aspect. That includes the bar services and dining experience. So for sure, top-notch customer care will be provided. This club will truly offer you beautiful views and a lovely setting for your special day!

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