Naples Botanical Garden

The Naples Botanical Garden is a 170-acre paradise! You can find various plant species around the world here. Not to mention, this delightful venue is one of the youngest gardens in history! Yes, you heard it right. With its fresh outlook, it received the prestigious award for “Garden Excellency”. Given by no other than the American Public Gardens Association. In addition, this gem has been providing the Southwest Florida area with a unique experience. They take pride in being committed to their local communities, with a vivid horticultural design and sustainability.

Looking back, the garden was founded in 1993 by a visionary group of local plant enthusiasts. The organization incorporated with the IRS with 501 C (3) status in 1994 to create an oasis for anyone who loves plants and nature. Today, more than 220,000 people visit this beautiful garden each year coming from all over the world. Visitors truly enjoy the diversity of the themed gardens. Ranging from floras of the tropical regions, down to the desert as well. Now, imagine having your wedding here. You’ll be surrounded by nature at its finest! Have a grand ceremony or do it elopement style, they can cover it for you. You can even choose the garden of your liking – all of that in one place!

On the contrary, the Naples Botanical Garden wanted to tackle the idea of a master plan, but knew it needed something that would serve as an example for their future projects. The Tropical Mosaic Garden was designed with this in mind. Uniquely, it serves not only as display space, but designed to be used for prototyping new and innovative programs. It is even one of the garden’s most famous space, and there’s no doubt about that!

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