Ogden Valley

One of the most beautiful parts of Utah is the Ogden Valley. It is bisected by a river and contains rural communities like Eden and Huntsville. Also, it is a great place if you’re looking into getting away from it all. But still have access to modern amenities within the area. In fact, the valley is a hot spot for recreational activities too. As abundant Ski Resorts could be found here for your amusement!

Further, the Pineview Reservoir is a great spot for water sports. The Ogden River offers excellent fishing, from the reservoir down through Ogden Canyon into downtown. Additionally, the South Fork of the Ogden River is a blue-ribbon trout stream, making it attractive to fly fishermen. While campgrounds can also be found at this great location near Hwy 39. Also, the Monte Cristo Mountains are east of Ogden Valley and offer an extensive network for snowmobilers. In summer, these mountains provide excellent trails to ride horses on. As well as backcountry camping, which is perfect if you’re looking to get some fresh air while out in nature and away from crowds.

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