Located on the coast of Croatia, Opatija is a charming town with rich history and culture. In fact, the venue has many fantastic locations in store. It has impressive monuments and well-manicured parks that are waiting to be discovered.  Also, tourists from all over the world can greatly enjoy the beauty of this place. At the same time, you can tie the knot at this quaint town as well.

Further, the town of Opatija has a lot to offer! You can even find an impressive church in its center. There’s also the fantastic Villa Angiolina with it’s park and many statues by notable artists. Meanwhile, you can check the enchanting Lungomare coastal promenade that has been a site for performances, both musical and plays. The small bay known locally as Portić is a great place for pictures. The Croatian Walk of Fame and the iconic Girl with Seagull statue make it even more memorable.

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