Pasadena City Hall

One of the most photogenic buildings in all California is the Pasadena City Hall! It’s also a photographer’s dream for years. With its original architecture still preserved and listed on the National Register Historic Places. Making it an irresistible subject matter if you’re looking to document your memories or create new ones with friends at one location!

In addition, the City Hall is a stunning example of the Italian Renaissance style. With its simple yet intricate designs that bring incredible drama and that extra vintage charm. The setting of this location is one that will take your breath away! The grandiose castle-like structure has a strong Spanish Colonial feel, complete with a stone cast Baroque fountain in its center courtyard. On one hand, the courtyard is surrounded by red-tiled and cloistered arches too. Offering you and your photographer the opportunity to play with light and shades. Also, the grandiose interior of this historic building is a symphony in tones.

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