Pilot Knob Park Country Club

When you’re looking for a fun place to celebrate, Pilot Knob Park Country Club is the perfect choice. This venue has been designed with one goal in mind: making your event as wonderful and special as possible! The unique setting of the club provides one of the most ideal locations for group events in this area.

No matter what kind of event you are planning, Pilot Knob Park has the space for it. Whether a couple looking to get married or host their wedding reception in the beautiful fields; or whether an entire family with kids at camp who needs one big play area while they’re gone. They’ve got them covered! And don’t forget about group events too. Hold meetings and seminars too small for any other location within town limits? Pilot Knob Park is where all your friends will go!

Further, from platters, to buffets and everything in between, they got it! Just let them know what event type interests you most for a memorable experience with your guests that will be rewarding beyond measure. Also, their extensive menu is perfectly designed so customers can focus on their enjoyment instead of worrying about the food they’re eating. As it’s all prepared by a set of skilled staff who care deeply for each guest’s satisfaction before even entering into their kitchen space.

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