Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church

The small community west of Raleigh began to meet for church in the middle of 19th century. In those early days, they called it Pleasant Grove. The first meetinghouse was built that same year and it still stands today as a symbol of faith, hope, and love. All between God’s followers everywhere! In fact, the United Methodist Church recognizes its founder, John Wesley. Additionally, John and Charles Wesley were not only preachers. Looking back, they also established Christian living practices. They believed that discipline was necessary for a deep relationship with God. And the result showing more knowledge and love of Him in ones heart.

In the present time, the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church (PGUMC) strives to be a loving community of followers who welcome all! Following Jesus’ example, they celebrate the sacred worth and dignity of every person with grace. No matter what their life situation may be like at any given time or where they come from. Whether it’s by race or ethnicity; gender identity and expression; sexual orientation (or lack thereof); socioeconomic status, and more.

At PGUMC, you are welcome to learn about God and find faith in your own way. If you have been a believer all along but want more information on how this connects with other parts of life or if there’s something bothering the back burner, like unanswered prayer requests – come talk! With such spectacularly human beliefs, this is truly a good place to exchange vows with the love of your life. Go and experience first hand the magnificence of holy matrimony here!

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